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Cantera Collection

An old Mediterranean stone quarry and the surrounding landscape is the inspiration for​ the Cantera Collection.

Janet Greco Design

Cantera means quarry in Spanish, and this one is spectacular. it's called Lithica, and it's located on the island of Menorca. ​

The ancient craft of quarrying focused on the transformation of raw materials, originally by hand. Th​e scars of old rotary saws left behind a sculpted landscape of sheer vertical walls. 

Janet Greco Design

These authentic abstract volumes are evocative of contemporary paintings, imagined above in the main image, as a series of rugs. They function, just as spectacularly, as big wall art.

Janet Greco Design

​The Cantera Collection brings you to a magical place, full of secret spots​, hedges of rosemary, fig trees and a medieval garden. Meet you there?