Janet Greco Design


Janet Greco Design ​licenses ​artistic and poignant country, urban, floral and coastal art to manufacturers and retailers - photography and photography-derived graphic design, vector art and surface patter​n design for use on a wide range of products and surfaces.

My goal is to spread beautiful and versatile artwork and design throughout the world that is relevant, relatable and authentic. The design focus is on comfortable elegance with a touch of fun in the mix.

My collections feature beautiful Mediterranean and American coastal landscapes, cacti, succulents and more edgy urban designs together with coordinating details. My designs are edgy, digital, environmentally conscious, positive and a bit retro, too!

Based on my extensive travels and photographic work, my growing archive is diverse in its origins, with images spanning over 60 cities in 15 countries.

Working with me, you will find an elegant and contemporary look that will complement any space, whether the vibe is modern, rustic or citified.

My Audience

My target audience values comfort at home making my appeal quite broad. I target both men and women from age 25 to 64, who enjoy fine and stylish designs and who like to relax and have fun. They have a laid back lifestyle, are independent and purchase unique products that reflect their personal style and aspirations.

Janet Greco Photography

International Perspective

Having many years of international business experience I know what it takes to sustain long term relationships at the highest professional level. Talk with me regarding all your art licensing needs. You will meet a solid working partner who can deliver the goods, exceed your expectations, and be flexible to meet the needs of your customers.

I look forward to ​meeting with potential licensees to learn more about those companies who offer quality products that fit in with my diverse multi-themed design portfolio. I really look forward to speaking with you.

Janet Greco Design