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Magnificent Menorcan Stallions – Fiesta Time

The Fiesta of Saint John features magnificent Menorcan stallions. This indigenous breed is the point of focus of all the fiestas on the island. These horses are bred specifically for this event and their care is an all-year-round affair. The Menorcan Equestrian School is one of the key caretakers of the Menorcan horse breed. The founder of the school, Francisco Marqués, is president of the society that maintains the integrity of the breed.

As a student of the school I was present during the preparation of the horses on the morning of the first day of the Fiesta. The horses will be in full regalia. There will be special Menorcan-style saddles, the horses will wear mirrored stars on their foreheads, and other beautiful hand-sewn decorations and embroidery.

The hard-work the Marqués family does at the school all year around is just amazing. Their gentle spirit and dedication is total.


This photo series will give you a glimpse of the hard work and that goes on behind the scenes in preparing the horses for the riders.

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