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Mirada(s) – Elisava Group Exhibition

Mirada(s) is a group exhibition (21 February – 30 April 2016) realised by students of the Elisava Master in Photography and Design at Cem Colom in La Rambla de Sana Mònica, Barcelona.

Janet Greco Photography
Landscape XVII by Janet Greco, from the Group Exhibition Mirada(s) in Barcelona

Cem Colom is a sport club with a unique history. This building housed the famous studio of the photographer known as Napolean, who was a pioneer of Catalan cinema.

This studio, founded in 1892, was renowned for photographic portraits, miniatures, painted photographs and daguerrotypes of Barcelona´s high society. It was so success it was dubbed the “palace of photography”. It is also considered to be the first cinema in Catalonia, having been chosen by the Lumière brothers to present their revolutionary “cinematograph”. The studio was in use until 1933 and today houses the extensive gymnasium and sports club known as Cem Colom, a perfect location therefore for a group of photographers to exhibit.

The group exhibition focused on contemporary approaches to the concept of “sport” and the concept of the “gaze” captured from a contemporary and innovative perspective, and seeking a balance between reality and fiction.

Participating artists: Xavier Boet, Alice Cannara, Kitsanee Charoensawat, Ariadna Comas, Faiza Farooq, Maria Galindo, Janet Greco, Amy Helminiak, Anne Hindennach, Susanna Järn, Katharina Kayser, Siqi Li, Zhiying Li, Helena Ortiz, Sergio Ramirez, Matteo Sampaolo, Olivia Schwarz, Saadya Tallat and Julika Wiggers.

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