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Putting Baby Goats in Pajamas at Surtex

About six months back, I started thinking about putting baby goats in pajamas at Surtex, the surface design show in NY that I will be exhibiting at in less than two weeks time.

I made an arrangement with Sunflower Farm Creamery to design a Spring Catwalk Collection for this year’s trip of baby Nigerian Dwarf goats in Cumberland, Maine. Wait for it!!!

On top of all the other stuff I had to deal with in terms of getting ready for Surtex – this one had to be above all the most fun. I got my parents involved, as soon as I arrived back in NJ – to help me with the sewing.

Greco Decorators - Janet Greco Design

My parents ran Greco Decorators for over 50 years,  making slipcovers, drapes and bedspreads. As a kid I was constantly exposed to textile patterns, and was myself enlisted to make the cording. Sometimes I would go with my dad when he had to do on-site cutting. We had a sewing workshop in the basement – which is still there.

Rudy Greco, 1980 © 2015 Janet Greco

My father did the cutting while mother and my aunt Rose did the sewing, ironing and finishing. I remember looking for the repeats in the hundreds of sample books that were always lying around, and sitting up on the table, watching him cut on the bias for the cording strips that then had to be sewn together.

To have them still around at 91 (dad) and 93 (mom) is just wonderful, and they are fit as can be – all things considered. Certainly they are still able to pin-up a pair of pj’s, make cushions (of which there will be plenty at Surtex) and other items with all the Spoonflower fabric I ordered (OMG), so people will be able to see my designs, and the PJ’s collection for the baby goats, very soon.

A huge thank you to my parents, Rudy and Anna Greco, who have always supported me and have provided true inspiration for what I am doing now with my designs, in textiles and beyond.

My parents could not wait to see the video.

Many thanks to Hope Hall at the Sunflower Farm Creamery, a Nigerian Dwarf Goat Diary locate din Cumberland Maine. This is Honeysuckle. You can read more about her and her pals on You Tube.

Janet Greco Design

Want more live baby goats? Visit the live baby goat cam! And don´t forget to stop by at my booth at Surtex, Stand 2649, to see the rest of my collections: Coastal, Country, Urban and, of course Floral!

Baby Goats in Pajamas - Spring Floral Riot in Ultravioet