Art Projects

ReMake Inspired by Corinne Vionnet

As homework for our last project before the Christmas holidays, our assignment was to copy and remake a famous photo that inspired us. I chose the work of French artist Corinne Vionnet, who takes found images off the internet of famous tourist spots. Her work is a take on the collective viewpoint of travelers – and all of us – to these iconic spots. The subject is the famous Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. Designed by architect Antonio Gaudí, it is still under construction after more than 100 years.

Janet Greco Photography
My copy inspired by Corinne Vionnet’s original
The original image by Corinne Vionnet

We also had to re-interpret the work and create something new. I focused on the ceiling of Sagrada Familia, shown in the main image for this post. It was created from  approximately 18 different layers of photographs, and probably the same amount of time in hours to create.

Janet Greco Photography

You can see more of Corrine Vionnet´s work here, and more of her images in this vein here.

Stay tuned for more new work!