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Spanish Fiesta Photography Workshops

My Spanish Fiesta Photography Workshops are offered during May and June of each year. They take place in Ciutadella de Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Join me for insider access to an enigmatic event that has taken place for centuries.

The Saint John fiesta delivers a blast to the senses. There’s an edgy mix of awe, emotion, elation, inebriation, and equestrian spectacle. These summer solstice celebrations characterize the cycle of life and traditions of this remote island  town.

Janet Greco Photography

Taking center stage are the magnificent horses of Menorca and their riders, with their ceremonial circuits around the city and countryside and the medieval games of jousting.

Amazing Spectacles

Barefoot, dressed up like and carrying a live sheep, a peasant and his entourage visit 120 selected houses in the town. There are bonfires, palaces, an important donkey and a hazelnut battle. These are unforgettable images of the fiesta. Underlying the spectacle is a rich history, living remnants of a lost time, strictly observed social hierarchies, religious customs and a wealth preserved traditions.

With unique behind the scenes access to the people and places central to the event, the Spanish fiesta photography workshop experience in Menorca will introduce you to the ancient mysteries behind the modern extravaganza. Among the most enigmatic of all European fiestas, it is definitely challenging to figure out if you are just a casual observer, with its baffling events like the “Sheep Show”, “Horses in Living Rooms” and the “Medieval Games”.

The Saint John fiesta is celebrated all over Spain. But the event that takes place in Ciutadella de Menorca is by far the most spectacular and most difficult for an outsider to penetrate. The workshops offers a chance to get an insider’s local view and access to key spots. You´ll experience the energy of an event that veers towards chaos and at the same time celebrates the locals’ complex and timeless devotion to its traditions.

My Spanish fiesta photography workshops are offered annually during May and June in and around the ancient town of Ciutadella on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Menorca. I´ll be your guide. I first began photographing the fiestas in Menorca in 2003. I won the official fiesta poster prize in 2008, and I was appointed personal photographer to the Caixer Senyor, lead rider of the fiesta, in 2017.

I have deep experience and personal contacts in the town and countryside. I know where to go behind the scenes to get the best shots and can provide you with hands on advice on how to improve your shooting. With my guidance you will have insider access to the exceptional imagery that outsiders cannot access and all the interesting details that make the event so special.

The Saint John fiesta photography workshop offers unique behind the scenes access to the people and places central to the event. This “by-appointment only” photography experience will provide extraordinary cultural insights into the heritage, traditions and customs of a society that prefers things to remain as they are.

Enquire for further details about the Spanish fiesta photography workshop with me.