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Inside the Urban Art Collection

​A long history of photographic image-making and international travel inspires the Urban Art and Design Collection. These versatile designs represent a creative synthesis of the cities I know best. Philadelphia, New York, London and Barcelona.

Each one is a modern, world-class city with its own unique identity. Each with their own specific history and distinct vibes, they are places I have soake​d up like a sponge.

Mixing the modern with the old, a range of techniques and subject matter form the basis for this collection.

Janet Greco Design
Janet Greco Photography

​​For example I work with old photographs shot on film. I also use​ historical photographic techniques like cyanotype, a process invented in 1842 that renders the image in a deep Prussian blue.

Patterns might be derived from old stone carvings and architectural features. Influences ​also come from the environs of the city. A traveling circus, gas station, diner or roadside bar all fascinate me. I​'m from the suburbs, after all.

Janet Greco Design

This collection really celebrates my first forays in photography, dating all the way back to 1980, the year I ​began studying photojournalism at University. ​

My idea has been to transform those raw images and concepts into coordinated designs that have a modern and contemporary feel. My intention is to evoke a feeling very specific to modern living​, being a bit edgy ​but with a throwback to times gone by.  

​Another landmark ​for me in 1980 was my first trip to London, for a study abroad program. A few years later, I ended up living there, and so was able to capture the spirit of that era on film. 

Janet Greco Photography

​​I had a full darkroom in my home in those days​. That equipment followed me on all my travels, but I never had the dedicated space to set up like that again.

I finally donated the equipment to my local arts school in Spain. I found the perfect home for it, since I can use the space where it is now installed.

​These days I am back to the old alternative processes, ​and new ones like anthotype (with flowers) are next. I can do those on my terrace, completely without any darkroom, working with ​plants from my garden. 

​More and more I find that non-digital techniques are romancing me and taking me in entirely new ​directions nowadays. ​So whether it is photographic in origin, or entirely handmade, there is something definitely nice about stepping away from the screen.  

New patterns and designs are emerging all the time.