Next stop: Winslow Junction

Winslow Junction. A place very close to my heart. Th​ese designs are inspired by my documentary photography projects in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

I have photographed this region extensively, including the many ghost towns ​there. Effectively Winslow Junction is just another ​one of them. 

​Winslow Junction was home to the Southern Railroad Company of New Jersey. Today it is just basically a graveyard for trains, although some of them are supposed to be under renovation, such as the the famous Blue Comet train, which brought passengers from Jersey City, New Jersey to Atlantic City back in the 1920s.   ​

Janet Greco Design

​​Many trains criss-crossed the state and had their heyday ​before the widespread use of the automobile. ​You can find abandoned train tracks all over the Pine Barrens, and it is such a lot of fun to explore there.

Janet Greco Designs

​These designs are my way of bringing these trains back to life, ensuring that they are not forgotten. Even in their dilapidated state, I find they still have a lot of beauty.

Janet Greco Design

​These abstract designs are very versatile, being equally powerful as ​big wall art for more contemporary spaces, as well as textiles.