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Are you looking for inspiring art for your next season’s launch of new products? Janet Greco offers eclectic art and decor inspired by Mediterranean landscapes and the back roads of South Jersey. If you are looking for something different and maybe a bit edgy? Something with a story? You’re in the right place.

Welcome to the Eclectic World of a Mediterranean Wanderer

I’m a professional photographer, surface pattern and graphic designer who works with all kinds of manufacturers and retailers. There’s a story behind everything here! I hope you will check out my collections and contact me for your next project, exhibit or design licensing needs.

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Janet Greco

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Janet Greco Designs

Next stop: Winslow Junction

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Art for Licensing by Manufacturers & Retailers

Interested in Art for Licensing? Check out my Quality Country, Urban, Coastal and Floral Art and Design Collections? Learn more, and let’s chat!

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