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Communicate & Connect Confidently on the Global Stage

Welcome to the intersection of technology and transformation.

Hi, I´m Janet, your business leadership and strategic communication trainer.

With a rich media technology background spanning 20+ years, and a journey that has taken me across six countries, I specialize in empowering tech professionals like you to elevate their business and communication skills to new heights.

Why Me?

  • International Expertise: As an American C-level strategic business advisor based in Europe who has closed deals in more than 30 countries, I bring a truly global perspective to your unique challenges.

  • Empowering Technical Professionals: My mission is to bridge the gap between your engineering genius and the world's need to understand and embrace what you offer.

  • Practical Solutions for Real Growth: Leveraging my years as an online entrepreneur and strategic communication management professional, I offer innovative yet practical strategies to enhance your global presence and client engagement.

Common Challenges We Overcome Together:

  • Lack of confidence and systematic organization.

  • Not knowing what to say, write or how to present yourself.

  • Uncertainty about how to attract new business.

  • Not using social media strategically (or at all).

  • Reluctance to reach out and make new connections.

  • Fear of doing business beyond your usual comfort zones.

Let me help you let go of the pains, so you can focus on what you do best: technology!

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Janet Greco

Discover The Programs

Communicate with Influence

Unlock your full business potential with our strategic business & communication program. Tailored to your company’s needs, this program is designed for ambitious technical professionals struggling to communicate the value of their solutions effectively.

  • One-on-one training for cohesive strategy development
  • Hands-on help with refining business messages
  • Enhanced research and lead generation approaches
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Navigating International Markets

Step confidently into the global arena armed with new tools and strategies that will prepare you for international business travel and help you navigate local business etiquette like a pro. This one-on-one training program is your passport to becoming a respected global player.

  • Customized strategies for international market entry.
  • Understanding and adapting to local business cultures.
  • Preparation, tools and execution leading up to, during and after your trip.
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Code & Charm Academy

For the awkward tech wizard, nerd or geek who knows it's time to elevate their game, but never knew how or where to start. This program is your solution, where social savvy meets technical genius. Learn how to break out of your shell and propel your tech career forward with ease.

  • One-on-one program exclusively for technology geniuses.
  • Focus on confidence, clarity and taking command of your future.
  • Elevate your presence, social skills and master communication.
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When you choose to work with me, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your growth and success. Beyond our training packages, you'll receive:

  • Expert consulting and mentorship
  • Access to a wide range of resources and tools
  • Invitations to exclusive webinars and workshops for ongoing growth


Romain B.

CEO, Motion Spell (France)

We contacted Janet to help us with an important press release. We had already successfully worked with her once a couple of years back. Both times she exceeded our expectations by providing guidance and allowing us to make the extra leap to reach the next step. She is very involved and conscious to bring value to your business. I highly recommend Janet for any technology business.

Holger G.

Senior Research Associate, R&D (Germany)

The content was super prepared and very entertaining.

Stefan W.

Business Development, Healthcare Research (Germany)

Janet did a very good job of explaining the pitfalls of international communication. In particular she explained very well the differences between British and American communication. The weekly newsletter was also good.

Luca C.

Research & Development, Audio Forensics (Germany)

I found the seminar excellent. Quality material prepared in advance, useful exercises related to the topics presented, flexibility in responding to participants’ questions and comments, and regular “newsletters” to keep participants engaged. I have already put into practice some of the tops provided during the seminar, such as revising my LinkedIn profile, and plan to do the same with other tips.