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Inside the Coastal Art Collection

​From the Jersey Shore to the Balearic Islands, a lot of my adult life has been spent near beaches. What a privilege​! ​My ​Coastal Art and Design Collection includes a wide range of landscapes, both domestic and foreign, relating to my travels and the many places I have lived. ​​

From tranquil watery Mediterranean scenes to the​ ​brisk landscapes of my childhood down the shore, this photographic work has also inspired a number of ​healthcare art curators who have commissioned my work for medical centers on both coasts of the United States. 

Janet Greco Photography

Whether it is a walk along the Long Beach Island dunes, or a forest trek to get to some of the​ virgin beaches of Menorca, being close to the water always proves ​calming and inspirational. 

Janet Greco Photography

​I particularly love making digital panoramas, whereby I "stitch" several images together to make a long landscape, perfect for the "big art" trend that is happening now. 

​For example, I have used this technique for this incredible image of Cala Mitjana in Menorca, Spain​, where you can find the most eye-popping landscapes imaginable. ​

Janet Greco Photography

​For me, coastal is not just about beaches, however. Where ever the land meets the water is fair game for me. This digital panorama image of the ghost town of Belco in South Jersey, for example, was commissioned by Atlanticare several years ago.

Janet Greco

​With a family home at the Jersey Shore and a childhood of day trips to Atlantic City the New Jersey work is very close to my heart. 

​Atlantic City was a major focus of my masters degree program which I completed in 2016. My final project focused on analog film work that I shot ​there in the 1980s, ​after ​ casino gambling ​had just been legalized. You can find the story about the exhibition "Atlantic City: Trump and the Transformation of Atlantic City" here​. The original prints are available for sale here

Janet Greco Photography

​These days, when I consider it, I love the Mediterranean lifestyle, but nothing beats a​walk along the beach back home ​at the Jersey Shore.