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Mummers Highlights 2016

There´s no place else to be except in Center City, Philadelphia, on New Year’s Day. That’s the spot for the annual Mummers Parade, unique to the city, and dating back to 1901.

Now in its 115th year, the Mummers Parade has all the nerve and verve that you’d associate with a typically South Philly event. It’s around 2nd and Washington that all the “clubs” are based, and where you can find the “after party” once the bands all the bands have marched down Broad Street. There are four divisions, the Fancies, The Comics, the Fancy Bridge and of course the famous String Bands, consisting of both woodwinds, and string instruments, notably banjos.

The Mummers is a totally unique Philadelphia spectacle. For video of the event, every New Year’s Day, check out this page from the local TV station WPHL17.